"The Mom Test" author Rob Fitzpatrick has launched a new book and community πŸŽ‰

Rob Fitzpatrick of The Mom Test fame is in the process of writing a new book that is currently partially available.

This is his third book. His first two books were non-fiction and his third book is not coincidentally called Write Useful books β€” it's about how to write non-fiction that works.

Interestingly enough, Rob has huge credibility in this area. Not only has he published two non-fiction books, but they are now generating $160k in royalty revenue.

My first two nonfiction titles have grown organically to reach well over 100k happy readers and are now generating $160k per year in royalties. All with nearly zero hands-on marketing. This is due to how the books were built.

I was a bit blown away by this when I first found out. 🀯

As part of his new book he is also building a community to help and provide authors with accountability, Q&A, problem-solving, and events.

Obviously, I'm a big fan of all things community, but I find it super interesting to see how Rob is combining writing a book and whilst also building a community. Personally, I love it as an approach and I believe it's a super clever way to help connect with your audience in a real way.

Not only will he help his people through the community, but the community will undoubtedly help him with refining his ideas and words.

I like to point out these examples of how to make money as I often feel indie hackers are pressured into building a SaaS. There are plenty of other ways to create a fulfilling indie career. With a long term view, writing can be one of them.

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