Reached $20k in sales for my community building course 🤯

I like to look back on my life at certain points in time. Two years ago I never would have believed in myself enough to write confidently enough around community building, let alone lead a course on the topic.

Yet here I am. And also feeling a bit weird and meta about talking about it here on IH.

It's a mixture of cohort/live over six weeks and also a cheaper digital version is an option too.

Admittedly I feel inadequate in many places about this, but much like I did a paid newsletter to force me to write. I'm doing a course to force me outside of my comfort zone.

The sales are quite evenly split between the cohort and digital version. We have had about 80 sales.

What did I do to make the sales? Not a lot tbh.

  • I sent out one dedicated email to my email list of 1600 subscribers, I made it clear that I wouldn't be sending out any other reminders, it's not my style.
  • gave it small mentions 2-3 times in my curated newsletter
  • announced it on Twitter, pinned it to my profile
  • posted revenue updates on Twitter
  • posted in a couple of community Slacks
  • shared a fancy Cultivating Community model that I created for the course
  • I'm working with 4 other people on the course, to ease the workload and also bring more insights and different perspectives. So not all the $20k goes to me.

Tbh, whilst of course I love the sales, I was just keen to promote and share casually to people who like me and my work. This first version is very much a beta to me, there will be hiccups and things that go wrong, but I believe most of the people signing up will forgive me.

I intentionally didn't really share it here on IH until now.

I also have a lot going on in my life right now, which hasn't really given me the time to think about promoting it more.

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