Not making a decision is still a decision

Are you standing on the line, looking in? Lurking. Stuck. Overwhelmed. And just not sure about what to do next?

Perhaps it feels good to just hold out on making decisions. Maybe delaying them, or even just ignoring them completely...perhaps forever?

There is always so much to consider when pushing forward with your indie business. It's overwhelming and paralyzing. And more often than not we will feel that the decisions we make are just not going to be good enough.

Here's some indie Friday food for thought. 🍲

You may feel safe by not making a decision. Or choosing to put something off for that bit longer. You'll continue to exist in the safety of whatever your bubble is right now, but remember that no decision is still a decision. There are consequences of not making that decision.

This is not pressure to act on FOMO. Peer pressure or to be constantly hustling. That's not my rosie style.

This is more about being aware and conscious of all your actions. Sometimes we feel that by not making a decision we are freeing ourselves from the responsibilities.

  • Not acting on something you want to pursue
  • Feeling unsure about exactly what to do next
  • Not reaching out to that person
  • Not asking for help
  • Not attending that meetup
  • Not writing that tweet
  • Not deciding on a name or a domain
  • Not putting together a MVP
  • etc...

Not making a decision is still a decision.

By all means, feel free to say not today, but when you do, think about what this decision means for you.

Maybe it is better to move forward with the understanding you'll never make perfect decisions. The goal should be to avoid making really bad ones.

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