Launching a product in an hour: Indie hacking RSS-as-a-Service

I've had this micro product idea in the back of my mind for a while and I wanted to test how quickly I could get it up and selling, with a brand new Gumroad account.

So here you go, this is what I made in 1 hour.

Indie RSS-as-a-Service

I remember when I started at Indie Hackers, everything was overwhelming. I had built a business, but I hadn't spent time in the community.

I had to learn who everyone was, and for me it would also only be the right thing to do to subscribe to their blogs.

I know everyone is a bit bullish on emails and newsletters, but I only use emails when I absolutely have to. RSS is my go to source and over the past couple of years I've slowly been adding sources to my feeds.

It is much more efficient.

And it turns out I can share these feeds fairly easily for others to use, to save you the many hours of time and research I've put into it.

RSS feeds are pretty easy once you get into the flow of it, you just have to be a bit organized and continually add your sources in. And the great part of it is that once you have access to the feed then you also get access to the updates I continually make without even realizing it!

I use BazQux as a RSS feed reader, but there are a few out there. Feedly is quite popular.

👉 Have a peek at the product

I have no big plan around this to be honest. I decided to take it off my mind and put it out there.

I tweeted about it and made 3 sales so far!

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