Instead of building an audience...

Building an audience can be scary and very overwhelming. You can look at others doing it and feel totally inadequate.

I can look at myself and say I'm building an audience, but really in my own world view, I am not.

This is not how I see it. This is not how I personally feel comfortable. I'm not sure I'll ever truly feel comfortable receiving praise. But I can say for sure it gets much easier over time and doing it digitally and being somewhat in control of what is put out there is very helpful to me.

So instead of building an audience, I like to reframe it as:

  • finding belonging
  • building up your network
  • create trust in who you are
  • creating value
  • making something out of nothing
  • doing something you love
  • creating community ☁️

By using these words they have more meaning, to me at least.

So if I want to find belonging, personally I will turn to places where I feel like I will fit in:

  • Indie Hackers ♥️
  • With other community builders
  • with women in tech/business
  • with unschoolers
  • with people local to me
  • etc.

If you take each of the bullet points I recommend creating a list of things you could do and then a picking a few things that seem achievable to you right now.

I'm pretty sure you'll end up building an audience as a result.

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