Gumroad is switching from Zoom to Clubhouse

So here's a potential and interesting trend.

It's hard not to see how Clubhouse is booming at the moment. However, until this conversation, I viewed Clubhouse as a place to have conversations and build an audience, but I had never really thought about using it for team communications too.

I was listening in on this call with @sahil.

I should've taken notes, but am going on memory from this, and I wasn't around for the whole call.

The general summary was:

  • Clubhouse is the first post-COVID company with a real network effect that is now booming as result
  • Zoom is hard, not user friendly, and no social/network effect. Clubhouse is the opposite.
  • Gumroad are going to be using Clubhouse for all team conversations, hosting conversations openly where relevant
  • It turns the Gumroad team (@randallkanna and @dvassallo were there chiming in) into content creators, which very much aligns with who Gumroad are and serve.
  • It's a growth opportunity, but it's also about being able to speak to their customers, being open and helpful.
  • there is no specific sales tactic, but by growing and being helpful hopefully some of them will come back to Gumroad at some point
  • the simple idea that it's now just so easy to talk to people without the hassle of recording is powerful
  • people are too fixated on the need to record everything, most podcasts/videos don't get many listens/views, or have much impact. The IH was mentioned as an exception 😇
  • the room had 1.2k people in it, probably more than most podcasts ever get.

I know there are mixed feelings about Clubhouse, but it's growing on me day by day.

How do you view this?

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