Iteration is where the magic is, but why is no one telling you that?

I love turning boring old advice into my own world view.

Here is one: you don't need to fail 100x times to find 'that one' success.

I think people like to keep saying this to make them look good. They've had that one success because they've failed 100x times. Failing that many times must mean they are tough. They have apparently survived it. Bravo.

But really, when this is casually shouted out, the people who have shouted it haven't actually experienced that level of failure.

It's nonsense. Please stop paying attention. Please? Pretty please? It's hustle culture disguised as fake success.

Failure is a matter of perspective. What one person sees as failure, is an iteration to someone else.

Some say you need to fail 100 times to succeed. I say I’ve never failed, only learned, kept an open mind and iterated.

Sure, I've made mistakes. Don't do a job as good as I could have. Made poor judgement. Started and stopped projects.

That's not failure.

I take those experiences and iterate on them. Sometimes it takes me years. I keep an open mind. I keep my life situations in mind. Most importantly I learn from them and do my best to do better next time.

To fail is to give up. Don’t give up, iterate.

Iteration is where you really learn. It's where you grow. It's where you discover the things that no one else can be bothered to learn about.

Iteration is where the magic is, but why is no one telling you that?

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