✨ Everything is a learning opportunity ✨

When I stepped back from Ministry of Testing, I was looking for something new, I was looking to learn and I felt like I had gotten out of touch with the bootstrapping / tech / indie world.

When I had the opportunity to help lead the Indie Hackers community I jumped at it, even if it was going back to exchanging my time for money and even if it was below my 'experience level'.

(I had just come off the back of founding and leading a profitable business of 10 employees).

I did it to learn. I wanted to learn how other communities (specifically IH) were run. I wanted to learn the latest of what everyone was doing and talking about in the world of business and tech.

What better way than to get paid to spend time to hang here and learn every day from everyone else?

I learned so much, from posts, Twitter, podcast episodes, and from conversations. And the experience elevated me in so many other ways that just wouldn't have otherwise been possible.

Based on that, I encourage y'all to do things that don't necessarily look like indie hacking, or may not be the start of your own project or business.

Do things that will help you learn, improve and progress.

So, don't start:

  • a blog, guest post instead.
  • a podcast, get invited to speak.
  • a community, participate in one.
  • a business, go work at one.

Learn from how others do it, then create your own when or if the time is right.

✌️ The tweet that inspired this post

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